Bill Simms Bill Simms – NSD – Everett WA – Bill joined AmeriPlan® in  May 1998. With four children,  seeing the Dentist, Bill saw the value and signed on as an IBO. Bill and wife SunAe quickly became RSD and kept a steady pace of enrolling members and IBOs in the local market.

The turning point for Bill was attending his first convention in Chicago in March 2001. Soon after, Bill’s online marketing efforts helped to make him a consistent Top Ten Enroller.

In Sept 2003 with a $3,000 monthly residual check,  Bill resigned from a 15 year Postal Career to go  full time with AmeriPlan®. Since leaving the Post Office, Bill & SunAe have been winners of seven Top Producer Trips. Today Bill & SunAe enjoy a $75,000 annual residual income and are members of the AmeriPlan® Cadillac Club.


Allan GroganNSDMurray,KY – Allan began his AmeriPlan® career in April 2007. Allan knew attending the convention in June that year, would be in his best interest, so he and Marsha made the trip to Dallas.

Over the past years Allan has promoted from IBO to RSD Aug 2007, SRSD Feb 2008 and ESD in June 2008 and is now a National Sales Director. Allan is a member of the Five a Month Club and enjoys working with his team.  In February 2009, Allan was inducted into the AmeriPlan® Millenium Club  for achieving $1,000 in monthly residual income. He is a Top Producer Trip winner and a Leader’s of Tomorrow graduate. In January 2012 Allan became a member of the $25,000 Presidents Club.

Just a year and a half later Allan was recognized as a member of the $50,000 President’s Club at the Annual Convention in Frisco, Texas.


Celester Johnson

Celester Johnson -ESD – Houston Tx

This is my second time around in Ameriplan®. I have been much more successful this time around because of the support that I have received from my upline. For this I am very grateful. I decided to join the business in October of 2007 because I knew I was going to be laid off the following month. I have always been of the opinion that you need multiple streams of income, but I was hesitant at first to invest too much money in the business because I was being laid off. A few months later I decided to really get busy and I reached the RSD level in February. I look at the individuals on DreamForMoreTeam I don’t see any ladies at the  senior  levels. It is my goal to reach NSD as soon as possible. I like the idea of not worrying about beepers,deadlines and late night calls. I try to encourage the people who I recruit to make the commitment to themselves and to the business with the same zeal that they do other people’s business. The key to success is consistency. If you are teachable and coachable and follow the leader you will be successful.  I am looking forward to seeing you at the  Top.


Additional Team Leaders

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