Signup Members

signup membersYou can signup members to increase your residual income with AmeriPlan. Here are some things that will help IBOs  when answering live calls from prospective members. There are several ways to generate live member calls. Locally with sizzle cards, three line ads, flyers, brochures and internet. Additionally  there are a few companies that are  generating member leads that you may purchase.

First off before the calls, be sure you are prepared by gaining knowledge of the services AmeriPlan® provides. Be sure to see the training video on the membership plans and attend at least one of the live Tuesday night membership calls.

Be in a quiet area and answer professionally. Hi this is ____ with AmeriPlan®, how can I help you? Get the other parties name, in case you are disconnected. At the start of the conversation, ask, do you have any questions or are you ready to get started? Some will be ready, many will want to know how the plan works or have questions.

Ask are you interested in Dental, Medical or both? Go over the highlights of the plan.

Is there a Dental Emergency? If yes… With AmeriPlan®  there are no waiting period and no limits, you can usually join today and see the Dentist with 24-48 hours. You will get an application confirmation with your membership number. Then you can just bring that in at the time of your dental appointment. If the dental office wants to confirm your membership, they can call AmeriPlan® at 1-800-647-8421.

If no, go over the highlights of the plan. Unless they specifially ask about Vision, Prescription or Chiropractic, just mention that they are included with the Dental Plan. The AmeriPlan®  Brochure is a good guideline to use. Be sure to explain our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee  and how most members use the plan and keep it month after month. Then ask _____, how would you like your name to appear on the card, as you begin to fill out the application.

Important Numbers:

AmeriPlan®  Member Services: 1-800-647-8421

IBO Support: 469-229-4501

You will have members and other IBOs call if your ads are on the Internet. Be brief, polite and give them one of the numbers above. That is what member services is paid for.

IBO/Member Calls:If a former member or IBO is calling to re-join, Ask if they have been cancelled over 6 months. If no, they will need to contact AmeriPlan® to re-instate.

After 6 months, a new application is required. Sign em up!

Member Upgrades: If a dental plan member wants to upgrade to AmeriPlan Healthcare they will need to contact AmeriPlan® or complete another application with a $30 registration fee. Member upgrades will count for the IBO who originally signed the member.

Member to IBO Upgrades: There are no restrictions for this category. Members can upgrade to IBO, and select the sponsor of their choice. IBOs are encouraged to contact their own members occasionally as some may have an interest in the business. Your members are also a good source for referrals.

Signup Process: Preferred method of signup is over the phone. Have member and IBO applications printed and available. Take the application over the phone, then submit application in your IBO Support. You can also print applications from IBO Support. There is nothing worse than having a computer glitch halfway when taking an applicants information. That is why I use applications.

Other Signup options: Fax them a faxable application with your IBO#. Walk them through the signup process. Be sure they  see YOUR NAME on the “Join Now” page. The last option would be to mail a brochure, in which case you want to be sure to get their phone number and email address to followup.

Look up providers and dental fees at

Preventative Dental Work is generally 50-80% discounted.

Restorative work is generally 50-60% off, except in lime areas

it is 20$ discount.

All Dental Specialists are discounted at 25% except in Lime areas it’s 15%.

At the Doctors Office members will generally receive a 40-50% discount.

Hospital Advocacy is available for hospital stays of $2,500 or more and is  done on an indiviudal basis.

Fee Schedules Map < Show the fee schedule area, Provider Search will pinpoint if a specific zip code is lime, red or teal.

You can download updated dental fee schedules in the documents section of this page.

Use the plan and get your own testimonial to increase your credibility with prospective members. But don’t hesitate using others testimonials until then. There are several in each issue of Vision Magazine and a great hospital advocacy savings story below.

Bill Simms
National Sales Director