7 Core Commitments

  1. Commit to use and/or distribute at least 2 third-party exposure tools a day if working the business part time OR at least 5 third-party exposure tools a day if full time.Third-party tools – Websites, Brochures, 3-ways with an upline mentor, conference calls, Business Briefings, etc.
  2. Follow-up regularlywith your Members, IBOs and Prospects. The fortune is in the follow-up.
  3. Send out at least 1 long-distance third-party exposure tool package per week.To someone more than 100 miles away from you.
  4. Attend your local weekly Business Briefing with at least 1 IBO prospect.52-week commitment. If a Business Briefing is not available, start one.
  5. Attend all major corporate eventsas well as all Regional / Super Saturday events in your area. Attend National Convention
  6. Commitment to personal development. Books Audiotapes Classes/Training
  7. Be here a year from now. Commit to the other 6 Core Commitments. Only work with the willing.

Develop The Mindset Of A Successful Entrepreneur:  In this industry, you WILL be challenged. You will be asked to step outside of your comfort zone, work through fears and insecurities, push yourself to new heights, and develop an unwavering commitment to your goals. A true entrepreneur does not run from challenges, they embrace them. Their focus is on GROWTH and they will do whatever it takes to better themselves.

You must also develop a deep rooted belief in YOURSELF. This posture will be reflected in your ability to attract people to your business. People follow confident, positive, and motivated LEADERS, so focus on becoming the person you would want to follow. Also, try to avoid becoming emotionally attached to the outcome of other people’s actions. When someone decides not to join your business, do NOT take it personally. When someone does join and never does a darn thing, don’t let it concern you. Let the belief in your OWN ability to create success for yourself continue to drive you forward.

Those who are truly successful in this industry are those who are ’servant leaders’. Focus on how you can help other people achieve success and you will become successful. Lastly, it is important to have realistic expectations… This is a LONG-TERM commitment of at least 2-5 years. But if you could generate a lifetime of residual income and freedom after 5 years, would it be worth it to you? I think it would!


Congratulations, you have completed your initial training!