AmeriPlan Business PlanThe Business Plan

It’s been said before that if you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. Every entrepreneur who starts a business in America has a business plan. AmeriPlan® is no different. With a 23 year record of success you can be assured that if you follow the AmeriPlan® Success System your business will grow. Follow another path and we cannot guarantee it.

Every AmeriPlan Benefits Consultant pays a $24.95 annual fee as part of their startup package. There are four packages to choose from, the AmeriPlan Jump Start Pack being the best option

NEW Benefits Consultant TRAINING

AmeriPlan has Training Calls every Sunday through Thursday. You can find the complete schedule of live calls here. For your convenience we have add a recorded version of the New Benefits Consultant Training below. The call is your first step to getting started. Grab a paper and pen to take notes and listen.

Call 1: New Benefits Consultant Training 42 mins with Lorene Brown Watkins, Bill Simms and Martin Corza (Sept 2013)

Call 2: Getting to RSD 32 mins with Debbie Hanson and Kristie DeGraw (Sept 2015).

Join Our Facebook Group

AmeriPlan on FacebookJoin the Dream For More Team Group on Facebook. This a great communication tool to keep in touch with what is happening in AmeriPlan and on the team. Your prospects are on Facebook and you should be too if you want to succeed in business. Click on the link above to setup a Facebook account if you haven’t already.

Become a Regional Sales Director

AmeriPlan RSDRegional Sales Director should be the goal that every new Business Consultant in AmeriPlan®. If you been in AmeriPlan® for a while and have not become RSD yet, set your new goals today and follow the plan outlined in the next few pages.

To promote to Regional Sales Director a Benefits Consultant must personally sell 10 membership plans. These plans can include any combination of personally sponsored Benefits Consultants  that have purchased the AmeriPlan Jump Start Pack, Deluxe Plus, Dental Plus or Med Plus and personally sponsored Members that have purchased any monthly membership . The Free Prescription Drug membership does not count for promotion to RSD.

Commission qualified simply means buying or selling one of the following memberships:

  • $39.95 AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus
  • $24.95  AmeriPlan Dental Plus
  • $24.95 AmeriPlan Med Plus

The memberships may be any Membership offered by AmeriPlan.

Memberships linked to a Benefits  Consultant as a commission qualifying member will not count again as one of the memberships required to become RSD)

As an RSD you will receive the following “Team Residual Overrides”:

  • 5% of the Monthly Revenues on business written by your first RSD’s Sales Group
  • 10% of the Monthly Revenues on business written by your second RSD’s Sales Group
  • 15% on all of your frontline RSD’s Sales Groups Monthly Revenues once you promote your 3rd RSD which will make you a SRSD.

Fast Track to RSD

When you complete this achievement of 10 active Memberships within thirty (30) days or less FROM YOUR active date you will become a Fast Track RSD and qualify for a Fast Track Bonus of $300.00

How Much Can an RSD earn in the 1st 2-4 weeks?

There is no limit to the  amount of members or Benefits Consultants you can signup during any given month.

Example: Sponsor 10 Jump Start Benefits Consultants – earn $2,000.00 + $300(fast track bonus) = $2,300.00

It all depends on your efforts and the type of plans your members and Benefits Consultants purchase.

Potential Earnings (Non-Jump Start)

Potential Income ~ 1st 30 days in AmeriPlan
Potential Income ~ 1st 30 days in AmeriPlan

If after reviewing these figures, you prefer to upgrade to the Jump Start Pack or add a personal membership to become commission qualified login to BC Support.

Where You Need to Be

You now know where you need to be within the next few weeks. Now we will show you how to get there.

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