Marketing Ameriplan

Step 5: Marketing  AmeriPlan® By now you are excited, overwhelmed or both.  That is normal when learning a new business. The good thing is you DO NOT have to know everything about  AmeriPlan® to do this business. You learn more as you progress in the business, but can rely on your sponsor or team leader to guide you when there are questions or you hit a roadblock.

By now you know your reasons (your dreams) why you are doing  this business. Every day you should be reviewing you top three reasons why you are doing this business. Your  dreams/reasons are your vision for the future. Be sure to keep your eyes on that vision and don’t be distracted by negative influences as you go about your business.

Start Talking to People

Referrals: It’s not about who you know, but who you get to know! The idea in this training segment is not to sell AmeriPlan® to your friends and family, but to share your new business with them with our proven friendly methods that will get you referrals for the benefit plans and business opportunity. Who knows, they might even need the savings of opportunity themselves.

Don’t Prejudge: We have heard many times of people who may have prejudged a friend and determined they would not need the plan, because they already have insurance, have a great job or new car, only to find out later that their friend just paid full price for braces (see real example below), join with another IBO or found another business opportunity. So please do not prejudge when you are creating your list.


GOAL: Share the business or benefit plans with as many people as possible in your first 30 days.

Create Your Initial Contact List: Print out the Initial Contact Worksheet, then create a list of 25-50 people you know. Don’t worry, you won’t be limited to 50 people to contact. Your contact list should be forever growing, If you are out and about and someone else comes to mind write down their name. Once you have completed your initial contact list, we have several advanced methods to help you expand the list.  Here are a few ideas to help you…

  • 5 people who are entrepreneurial minded
  • 5 people who you are the closest to
  • 5 people who are skeptical
  • 5 people who are on your ‘chicken list’

Download the memory jogger to help you expand your list.

Did you know the the average Facebook user has 359 friends?
Did you know the the average Twitter user has 129 followers?
Did you know the the average Cell Phone user has 50-60 contacts in their phone?

Did you get your list started?  Once you have printed out and started building your list, go here to  >>  warm market letters & email. Then come back and read about contacting the people.

Contacting The People

Now, there is a very simple way to expose the business to your contact list. You don’t need to make it complicated or try to explain every detail right away, just follow this simple action plan:

Method 1: Setup a Practice Presentation A fast way to expose people you know and learn how to do a presentation. This call is to present AmeriPlan® those you feel would be the best leaders on your team. Call your sponsor or team leader to help you set up the call.

Method 2: Send Brochures in the Mail. In every IBO Startup Kit you get some dental, health care and AmeriPlan® MD Plus brochures. These will do no good sitting in your office, so right click and save this grand opening letter. Then personalize the letter and include it in an envelope with one of the brochures addressed to those who may be a distance away. The purpose of this letter to to announce your grand opening and  get referrals for your business.

Method 3: Smile and Dial  Using our pre-recorded presentation line, pick up the phone and dial you contact list. Let the 5 min pre-recorded presentation do the work for you. Refer to the warm market script with the outline and sizzle line# for your calls.

Method 4: Sit Down Presentation One this page we have an updated  powerpoint presentation for presenting AmeriPlan®. Before the advent of the internet, this is how business was conducted. It is still a viable method to present the AmeriPlan® Business locally. Just tell the AmeriPlan® story using the powerpoint, over coffee at Starbucks or your favorite diner. Learn more on this method at sit down presentations (audio).

Method 5: Do A 3-Way Call.  Tell your contact that you would like to introduce him or her to your business partner (Do this if possible during the first follow up call). Don’t give them a chance to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, just start dialing and call someone in your upline. This is seriously the SECRET to success in network marketing. Even if you start getting comfortable answering questions, ALWAYS do a 3 way call. It is third party validation and works extremely well. They can also answer your prospect’s questions if you don’t know the answer to them. Be sure to talk to your sponsor or team leader first to be aware of their availability for three way calls.

Method 6: Business Opportunity Calls  There are  Business Overview calls, that you can bring prospects to each Sunday through Thursday.  There are also good recorded sizzle line calls that you can three way your prospects into or have them call directly. Listen to the AmeriPlan Sizzle Calls.

Following Up

Make a follow up phone call within 24-48 hours. Do NOT ask what they thought… This makes you appear unsure of yourself and you end up giving them control of the conversation (Unless of course it is your chicken list). Make sure you ask them what they liked best about it, or what excited them the most. Answer any questions to the best of your ability…  Learn more about following up (video).

Ask For The Close!  If you sense your prospect is very interested and might be ready to sign up, make sure you ask them directly! Say something like, ‘Is there anything else you would need to know before you get started?’ Tell them you’ll walk them through the sign up process (or just get their information then and there). Don’t make the mistake of never asking for the sale. You’ll start wondering why so many people are interested, but aren’t making the leap. This is crucial!

Remember your goal is to contact as many people as possible within your first 30 days and becoming a Fast Track Regional Sales Director.

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