AmeriPlan’s robust residual compensation plan for Independent Business Owners (IBO) pays a 40%  level monthly residual commission on all personal business you write and pays advanced commission at it’s IBOs.

All AmeriPlan memberships will generate a 40% advanced for all IBOs regardless of their pin level. Then you will earn a 40% monthly residual commission (after the advanced period) for as long as the business is in good standing.

When you enroll an IBO who purchases one of the AmeriPlan memberships, you can earn up to $160.00 per application. The more business you do each month, the larger advance you will earn on those memberships.

AmeriPlan Compensation Slide Presentation


AmeriPlan Team Residual Override Bonuses

Starting with the rank of Regional Sales Director (RSD), AmeriPlan’s lucrative overrides richly reward IBOs who develop new leaders in their downline organization. This plan lets you build a strong residual income that will mean freedom for you and your family. We believe it is part of the best compensation plan in the direct sales industry.

Team Residual Overrides

Download Compensation Sheet
Download Compensation Sheet

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